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7 Piece Underbust Corset



Everything you love about our original 7 Piece Corset, now in an underbust style! Cross between our Cincher and our 7 Piece full corset, this corset still has seven panels for great adjustability and flexibility but the top rests just under the bust line, accentuating the waist and allowing you to wear a bra or top of your choice.



With 7 panels of lacing, it can be adjusted up to an inch on each panel.

Sizes are determined by your t shirt size; for example if you wear a size small t-shirt without it being too loose or too tight then you should order a small size of this item.

*Small, Medium and Large are the listed price, however larger sizes will incure an extra cost due to more materials being used.


7 Piece Underbust Corset

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