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Confidence abounds with this serious suit of armor for the warrior goddess. Consisting of seven pieces that lace together that allow for adjustable fitting with detachable shoulders, this is the basis for a serious warrior.

The standard Amazon is made from 9 oz. black latigo. The buckles and straps are always black latigo but our colors range from the woodland chocolate brown or green to the more royal red, blue or purple.


*Pictured: Red Amazon, hand dyed.  Russet Carved Amazon, hand dyed (please note that the carving was a custom order.  Standard Amazon's do not have carving)

This item has seven panels wich allow for adjustments. As long as the top 4 grommets remain closed on the bust curve, the rest of the panels can open to approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inches on each panel. As such, the sizing for this item goes by T- Shirt size (If you normally wear a small shirt comfortably, then you should order a small and so on....).

Please note that Sizes XL and higher are subject to an extra charge due to the materials used.

Amazon Armor

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