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Cavalier Armor-
100% handmade, this item is made using absolutely no machinery.

Start building your look with our handsome Cavalier.

Available in a variety of colors, this piece is designed to protect the chest and back of any warrior. Made from heavy 9 oz. black, brown or Burgundy Latigo leather or hand dyed 9oz vegetable tanned leather; the sturdy, stationary shoulder piece tops several overlapping scales allowing superior bending and movement.

The buckles and straps are well placed to adjust size in chest and sides as needed.

Customize or vary your looks by adding Full or Half Arms to create the warrior of your dreams.

 Cavalier + Pair of Half Arms = Mercenary Package $ 800.00


 Cavalier + Full Pair of Arms = Warrior package- $ 875.00 (Pictured above in last shot)

***Please note the hand carving was a custom order and does not come standard***



typically goes by standard T-shirt size (not too tight and not too loose). If you wear a small “T” comfortably, then most likely you are a small in our armor size.

(Size XL is 50.00 more due to the extra materials used)


Cavalier Armor

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