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Price $395.00


Flattering to all body types, this piece is NOT a corset. The cut, adjustable sides and shoulders, and soft leather do not need boning to enhance the wearer’s figure. The Kiergani is so flexible that many customers choose to wear it as a standard fashion piece in their everyday wardrobes.


This beautiful garment has wonderful classic lines. The Kiergani is able to cross over many genres. Whether you are creating a Renaissance, Viking, Elven, Steampunk, Post Apocolyptic, Goth, or Cosplay look, the Kiergani works and never disappoints.



Sizing typically goes by standard T-shirt size (not too tight and not too loose). If you wear a small “T” comfortably, then most likely you are a small in our clothing sizes.

*Please note that XL and larger will incur an extra charge due to the extra amount of materials used.



This piece is available in over 50 different color options

If you do not see the color you are looking for in the drop down menu, please make a note of the color you are looking for in the free text section of the check out section and we will contact you directly.



trim colors is always black


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