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The handmade quality of this piece cannot be denied. Seven panels allow for adjusting and maximum comfort in female armor. Both the intricate design and suede skirting help to enhance and protect the wearer’s assets.

The top portion is made from Black, Brown or Burgundy Latigo leather and the bottom skirting is made from suede. The suede comes in a variety of color options. Please select the skirting color to suit your style and be ready to attract attention.


*Sizing typically goes by standard T-shirt size (not too tight and not too loose). If you wear a small “T” comfortably, then most likely you are a small in our armor size.



*Small, Medium and Large: Medium and Large sizes are made with 7oz Latigo and buckles are added for extra support in the abdomen area.  
*Extra Large and higher: made with 9oz and higher gauged leather and buckles are necessary for extra tummy support.  (There is an extra charge for XL and higher due to the extra materials used)


We DO offer sizes larger than XL, simply contact us directly to discuss enhancing your curves.

Warrior Princess

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